Jess Lea

Lesbian fiction. I write about mystery, desire, and humour between women.

Books by Jess Lea

A Curious Woman

A funny, fabulous, cozy mystery filled with quirkiness and a sweet serve of lesbian romance.

The Taste of Her (vol. 2)

In the second of this two-part collection of erotic lesbian short stories, strong, beautiful, and fierce women are laid bare.

The Taste of Her (vol.1)

Strong women let their masks slip and explore thoughts they never dared imagine.

About Jess Lea

Jess Lea is the author of A Curious Woman and The Taste of Her. She has also published short stories in the anthologies Tales of the Grimoire (ed. Ohletz and McKnight) and Don't Be Shy (ed. Ohletz and Jae).

Jess lives in Melbourne, Australia. She loves crime fiction, the writings of funny women, and lesbian books of all sorts. One day, she hopes to win the Nobel Prize for discovering a cure for writer's block. 

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